Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wireless Mike

I still may post here once in awhile, but most of my future posts will be at my original blog, Wireless Mike.

So, go there from now on for any updates on me, my family, or whatever else is bouncing around in my head.

Thanks again for listening.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fading Lights

I've put together a montage of morning show moments from over the years. It's a bit long, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

It's set to the tune, "Fading Lights" by Genesis.

Click here to hear it.

The Stars Of The (Last) Show

The night before my last show, I realized that it had been awhile since I had aired any audio of my daughters, Megan (turning 9 later this month) and, especially Sarah (turning 3 this month).

Over the years, some of the best -- and most frequent -- feedback I got about the show was regarding my on-air stories about my daughters, and the trials and tribulations of being a parent.

Certainly a very relatable topic for most of my listeners.

So, on Monday night, with tape recorder in hand, I sat down with Megan and Sarah and had a very informal conversation with them about their summer, their interests, and just them in general.

The girls were more than eager to talk. Megan gave thoughtful responses about things she is enjoying during her summer vacation, what she'd like to be when she grows up, and also displayed some newly found piano skills by playing a couple of the songs she's been working on at piano lessons.

Sarah gave us a rundown of her invisible friends (Yageg, Yo-yo, Babe, and Hegeg -- all names she has made up), talked about her visit last week to the library, and waxed poetic about her recent trips to the potty to make poo poo.

At the end of the talk, I asked Megan if she had any last thoughts. After thanking her fans -- and she has a bunch of them -- I mentioned to her all the feedback I've received about her and Sarah over the years, I told her I loved her, she said 'love you, too', and then she said into the microphone, "I love you all, bye."

When I got to work the next morning, my original intention was to edit the interview down to about 5 minutes or so, and make that one segment during the show.

I recorded a lot more than I had thought I did, and after doing some editing, I ended up having four or five pretty good segments, that totaled way more than 5 minutes.

As I sifted through the tape, I kept coming back to Megan's last line.

Right before the last show started, I decided to make "family" the unofficial theme of the day. I opened with an old bit of Megan reciting the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," and used the segments of the interview with the girls throughout the show. We tied in Jay's son Jack's 6-month birthday as well to fit the theme.

As the last few moments approached, I cued up Megan's final thoughts from the night before. My last show closed with Megan, on tape, saying, "I love you all, bye," followed by me saying the same thing.

Needless to say, 'ol Dad here was unable to hold back the waterworks once the mic was turned off.

I hope you enjoyed all of my family stories over the years. I'll keep you updated about me, my family, and whatever else is on my mind at my other blog, which I will try to get back to updating on a more consistent basis after the holiday weekend.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A New Day

It's a "new day" for the morning show on WJDK. Yes, I'm still employed, but I have assumed some different responsibilities with the company.

I'll have more information for you soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can I Win The Stuffed Balloon?

Thanks, Homer.

Yep, Tuesday was my birthday. Both Jay and my mom seem to think I turned 40 this year. They're kidding. I think.

I'm not quite to 40 yet, although after chasing around two young girls all day and night, I feel a lot older than 40!

The girls I'm chasing are my daughters, Megan (turning nine next month) and Sarah (turning three), not two random young girls. Although, if I was chasing around two random young -- but, legal -- girls, I'd probably feel a lot younger than 40.

But I'm digressing, and regressing. Not to mention, digging myself quite a big hole, so let me take off my South Carolina governor's hat for a minute, and finish the post.

I had a great birthday, spread out over a couple of different days, celebrating with my folks this past weekend, and with my family on Tuesday.

Nice gifts, great food and beverage, plus plenty of laughs and good times.

You may have noticed that the amount of blogging, and perhaps the quality, has been cut back a bit over the last few weeks. There's a very good reason for that, which you'll find out about soon.

Show Biz: Monday 06/22/09

*** During the birthday segment -- as we recognized Kevin Schramm's birthday from Sunday -- we discovered a very entertaining sound clip from Kev.

Kind of a groan that sounds filled with anguish. Hard to explain.

Keep listening, as it will most likely make a return appearance soon.

And often.

*** Gary Beers from INXS had a birthday today, so we featured one of my favorite pop hits of the 80's during the birthday segment, "What You Need".

*** Lou Gramm is most recognized as the lead singer for Foreigner, but it was one of his solo songs that was featured today on the 80's Escape.

"Midnight Blue" -- which has an incredibly toe-tapping hook to open the song -- was a hit for Lou back in 1987.

The only decent video I could find was this clip from The Today Show, with Jay Leno!